March 30, 2023

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Fuse ODG Wins Case Against Nivea – Billboard Replaced – Videos

After days of dramatic back and forth with a Nivea ad that ignited a bleaching a debate, leader of the Protestors, Fuse ODG and his activists have achieved a positive result. 

In an earlier defiant rebuttal by the Producers of the lotion that the Product and its advert has no fault of inciting skin toning, they have silently succumbed to the pressure by changing the billboard.

With the same manner used to start the campaign, the Afropop singer went to the spot of the infamous billboard and captured the scene around which shows the advert has been changed.

In recording the new video to report the change, the UK based Artiste expressed gratitude to all those who supported his initiative whilst he made some Pan Africanist statements. 









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