April 20, 2021

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From a trialist to a professional cameraman; the story of Bernard Agbodza, the disappointed goalkeeper

Bernard Agbodza, the disappointed goalkeeper

He walked onto the field with only one thing in mind – to be part of the Dreams FC family – no matter where he will have to start from.

With used boots – which looked like a gift from a philanthropist – and tattered gloves, he walked onto the field determined to pass all to be chosen as the only goalkeeper selected from the trials aimed at fishing the best talent for Dreams FC.

He was without fear and was only determined for one thing; now or never.

Bernard was never ready to go back no matter what. He will not accept anything apart from being a member of the Dreams FC family.

So even when he failed the trials, he was never ready to turn back. He was ready to fight on, in whatever capacity, to break into the family and become a member.

This is the story of Bernard Agbodza, a failed trialist during a Dreams FC justifier, who has metamorphosed into a professional cameraman.

It was in late 2014, galloping into 2015 when Dreams FC announced a justify your inclusion for talented and determined young footballers who had dreams of becoming professional footballers.

Hundreds of talented footballers showed up, all with a dream of making it. But Bernard had a dream. A dream that kept him believing. A dream that was so assuring. A dream that was impregnated with determination and the will to succeed. A dream that even if he failed the trail, he was still going to stay with the Dreams family. A dream that has seen him graduate with a Diploma in Camera Operations.

“He was not successful during the trial as a goalkeeper but I saw something in him. I saw a burning desire in him. A desire to hang on and work his way into the Dreams Family,” GFA President Kurt Edwin-Simeon Okraku who was once a director of Dreams FC disclosed.

“Despite failing the trial, he kept close to the team, took pictures with his phone and posted them on social media. He demonstrated he was not ready to leave. So I asked he’s drafted into the Dreams FC media team and today, he’s one of the best cameramen in the country,” he added.

After his not too successful stint as a goalkeeper and out of sheer interest of taking footages, pictures and writing scripts for fun, the club decided to give Bernard an opportunity to be part of the media set up.

Through hard work, he worked his way through and polished his skills to the extent that with absolutely no formal training, he was able to record matches good enough to rival some of the best on the local front.

The leadership of the club invested in his training and today he takes very good footages not only for the club but indeed several others and even the Ghana Football Association.

He’s been on the international front where he was in chart of the LIVE streaming of all Ghana games at the U20 WAFU played in Benin and also during the friendlies between the Morocco U17 and Ghana U17 in Rabat a month ago.

From virtual obscurity, he now pays taxes to the government and is able to take care of his family and numerous others in his own way.

Today he has graduated from high formal training in media and is very much better equipped to deliver better services and hopefully to earn more and as a result pay more taxes in his contribution to national development.

Bernard has proudly graduated from the GH Media School with a Diploma in Camera Operations as he keeps chasing his dreams of becoming a professional, even if not in football, in the field of photography and photojournalism.

This is the story of Bernard. But many others remain untold from the Dreams FC Family. It is no longer about putting together a set of players unto the pitch to enjoy a game. It goes beyond to give opportunities and livelihoods to not only the key actors, but others associated to the beautiful game.

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