June 22, 2022

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Forget critics, just focus – Yaw Tog advised

• Fans of Yaw Tog have advised him to ignore comments from his critics

• Yaw Tog has been under attack for suggesting that he made Stormzy more popular in Ghana

• His comment in an interview has not gone down well with some music lovers

Yaw Tog, a young rapper from Kumasi who broke into the music scene in 2020 with his hit song “Sore” which featured Asaaka Boys nailed it when he got British rapper, Stomzy on the remix for the widely played song.

Stomzy, together with Ghanaian rapper, Kwesi Arthur, jumped on the remix of the drill music. Yaw was praised for managing to get the International artiste on his song.

However, a recent comment made by Yaw has caused some music lovers and industry players to tag him as “selfish and ungrateful.”

Reacting to claims that Stormzy made him popular, Yaw Tog in an interview with MzGee on TV3 argued that: “He made me more popular in this market. And I made him more popular here too. Because people didn’t know Stormzy in Ghana. So I think we both did magic to ourselves. Magic to our brands.”

Despite the backlash received, some people have posited that what the rapper said was indeed true and Stormzy also gained popularity in Ghana after working with Yaw Tog.

Desmond Senam on Twitter wrote: “Forget Ghanaians You’ve made it and everyone else now wants to be recognized. Who made who do not matter. It’s your name and yours only.#WhoMadeWho_Nonsense

Another, Clement said: “Yoo, stay focused and shun all these backbiters cos they underestimated the kumericans. Jealousy at play here. Think if Sammy Forson watched the interview he would have known what he wrote was not tweetworthy.”

Nana Kwame added: “I didn’t know Stormzy if it wasn’t for Yaw Tog. Apparently loads of people per the comments I’ve read share a similar sentiment. Giving this backdrop, how else should He have made the statement. I don’t get the kerfuffle really. This is a non issue. Leave the Kid alone.”

“Some of you hate this guy for no reason. Is it because he’s achieved more at this tender age or what? Like anyone who finds something wrong with what he said in this interview doesn’t understand English,” wrote Max on Twitter.

The artiste has indicated that his comments have been misconstrued as he had no bad intentions. He wrote in a tweet dated July 7, 2021: “It’s quite unfortunate a very harmless comment I made during a recent interview has been misconstrued by a few for whatever reason but regardless, we move. It’s Big Mike on the Remix.”

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