April 21, 2021

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Foreigners appreciate my craft more – Incredible Zigi

Entertainment of Friday, 19 March 2021

Source: e.TV Ghana

Ghanaian choreographer, Incredible Zigi

Ghanaian choreographer and dance originator, Incredible Zigi, has shared one observation that he has made from teaching his craft outside the country.

Speaking in an interview on the Late Nite Celebrity Show which airs on e.TV Ghana, he told Foster Romanus that dancing in Ghana is seen as a normal thing and not much respect is given to it as a profession however, “when I went out there, people really respected me”, he said.

Zigi expressed that whenever he went to foreign countries to teach or perform his craft, he was made to feel like a star and the level of respect and appreciation that the foreigners have for his dancing is always mind-blowing and overwhelming to him.

“I felt like these people really love the craft and they appreciate it so when I came back to Ghana, I had to do things to change the mentality of people. Anytime I’m with my boys, I try to encourage them on how they choreograph and everything else so that it makes it easier for them to get attention from the outsiders.

The appreciation is more from the outsiders but now things are changing because the brand has increased and people really appreciate us now. Back in the days, it wasn’t like that but now they’ve seen the works, they’ve seen the branding and all of that so they book us for gigs and we get paid”, Incredible Zigi said.

He confessed that until he traveled outside the country with his craft, he did not know how much people loved him and how big he was out there. Per this, he advised that in whatever people do, they should put in as much dedication and energy as they can, and keep in mind that people are always watching, hence their reason never to give up.

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