June 22, 2021

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Focus on traditional marriage instead of white wedding – Woman advises

LifeStyle of Sunday, 9 May 2021

Source: SVTV Africa

play videoAccording to Mary Barnes, white wedding is expensive compared to traditional marriage

Mary Barnes, a trader at Kasoa has advised the youth to focus on Traditional marriage rather than a white wedding because they are too expensive and unnecessary.

Speaking on SVTV Africa, Madam Barnes told DJ Nyaami that it has become a trend, hence the choice to have a white wedding.

“It has become a trend. Most often the couple borrows to organize such an event. After a few weeks, they file for a divorce. It is for the white and we are just copying.

The traditional marriage is ours. That is what we should focus on. When you have a white wedding, the pastor will ask whether you’ve completed the traditional marriage first, so why should we bother too much about the white wedding,” she quizzed.

In Ghana, White weddings or church weddings often come after the traditional marriages have been done.

The latter is where both families meet and officially give the bride out to the prospective husband.

Kindly watch the full video below;

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