June 09, 2023

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FIFA World Cup Winner To Pocket US$ 38 million

The 2018 World Cup champion will get US$ 38 million from a prize fund FIFA has increased by 12 percent to US$ 400 million.
FIFA says each of the 32 competing national federations will get at least US$ 8 million, the same as in 2014 when the overall prize fund was US$ 358 million. 

In 2014, World Cup champion Germany received US$ 35 million and runner-up Argentina got US$ 25 million.

Next year, the runner-up will also get a US$ 3 million increase to US$ 28 million. 

FIFA says the third- and fourth-place teams will each get a US$ 2 million increase to US$ 24 million and US$ 22 million, respectively. 

The quarterfinalists will each get US$ 16 million, also a US$ 2 million increase, and teams eliminated in the last 16 get a US$ 3 million increase to US$ 12 million.


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