June 04, 2023

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FIFA Set To Allow More Players Switch Nationality

FIFA is considering changing international cap rules, to allow more players to switch allegiances than the current law allows.
As things stand, one a player has played a competitive game for one nation he is ineligible to represent another, aside from newly created countries such as Kosovo. 

Frosinone goalkeeper Samir Ujkani played for Albania, but switched to Kosovo when the national team was given permission by FIFA to play against FIFA member associations in international friendlies. 

Players are also able to switch if they’ve only played in friendlies, which is why Napoli’s Jorginho can still be called by Brazil, despite his two Italy caps. 

However, Reuters is reporting that FIFA is considering changes, such as allowing a player to switch if he’s only played one or two matches and has no chance of a recall. 

“There are so many issues that have popped up over the years because the world is changing, immigration is changing,” CONCACAF President Victor Montagliani told the news service. 

“There are nationality issues that pop up all over the world, in Africa, there are issues in Asia and CONCACAF, so its a good time to have a look at this and see if there are solutions, without hurting the integrity of the game.”


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