June 27, 2022

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Eyebrow Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Photo credit - Pinterest

Photo credit – Pinterest

Mistake #1: Trying to make them identical.
When you obsess over making your eyebrows look exactly the same, you can wind up over-plucking them — and too-thin brows are much worse than ones that are just a tad different. Your eyebrows are supposed to be sisters, not twins.

Mistake #2: Going too dark with your brow filler.

Think you need to fill in your brows with the exact same color as your natural hair? Think again. Chances are, using one the same shade as your brows will look way too harsh.

Mistake #3: Over-plucking them.
Over-plucking your brows until they’re just a thin little line of hairs prevents your brows from framing your face properly, and makes it increasingly difficult to get a natural-looking result when using brow definers like pencils or powder.

Mistake #4: Using the wrong brush.
If you use a cream or powder filler, you can’t just use any old makeup brush to fill your brows in. If it’s too wide or flat, it can give you messy or unnatural-looking lines.

Mistake #5: Plucking them into a tadpole (or other unflattering) shape.

Tadpole-shaped brows can result in looking perpetually surprised, while other types of unnatural shapes can simply distract people from your eyes.

Mistake #6: Not blending.
Blending isn’t just for your blush — applying this technique to your brow filler keeps it from looking too harsh or overdrawn.

Mistake #7: Skipping the brow gel.
Spending all that time on your eyebrows is useless if they’re not going to last. Plus, brow hairs that all are set in the same direction look more groomed and polished.


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