June 09, 2023

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Do You Always Feel Miserable At Work? Here’s How To Stop Being Miserable

Do You Always Feel Miserable At Work? Here's How To Stop Being Miserable

Are you miserable at work? Do you never feel good about getting up and heading to work on Monday? Do you feel unchallenged, unhappy, or not in control? Is your boss the worst? Do your coworkers engage in unjustifiable complaining all day long?

Is no contribution ever good enough? If you continue to participate in any of these situations, you will ensure that you will continue to hate your job. And, hating your job is the centerpiece for a miserable life.

Why go there?

  • Participate in the conversations of or hang out with people who are always finding fault with the company, the management, the customers, their co-workers, and more. Legitimate concerns that are actually addressed aside, If you wallow in misery and unhappiness, and listen to unhappy, difficult people, it cannot help but bring you down. Unhappiness and criticism are contagious. Move on to avoid catching the bug.
  • Stay in a job that is unchallenging, unexciting, and unrewarding. Day after day, year after year, you are numbing your mind and your heart with work that doesn’t fulfill you. You have options. See a career counselor at your local community college, technical school, or adult education program.
  • Fail to take responsibility for your own development. You can wait forever for a non-communicative boss to give you feedback about areas to improve and your personal and professional growth and development. In fact, in some organizations, you can wait years for a performance appraisal or performance feedback.

    Why wait on someone else? Why not take responsibility yourself? No one will ever care as much about your personal and professional growth and development as you do. And, no one else has as much to gain from continued growth.

  • Find out about other job opportunities; find ways to use your current skill set differently, and take tests and talk with the counselor to identify work you might find more exciting. If you are a college grad, keep in mind that your college career services office may be able to help you, regardless of when you graduated.


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