June 22, 2021

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DJ Mularh releases Dancehall Invasion Mixtape Vol. 2

Music of Tuesday, 2 February 2021

Source: DJ Mularh, Contributor

DJ Mularh out with new mixtape

From Jamaica across the globe to Ghana, DJ Mularh assemble giants on the Dancehall Invasion II Mixtape DJ Mularh having commenced the year on a high note with the release of his ALL OUT Mixtape has released his second mixtape of the year, one meant for the lovers of dancehall music.

The Dancehall Invasion II is the sequel to the first edition of the dancehall genre he released in 2020. With the period between the previous release and the current release, the prolific Kwame Theo Mularh has put together a tracklist of current dancehall songs across the globe to create this masterpiece.

Featured on the Mixtape are some foreign big names including stars from Jamaica where dancehall originated. Ghana which has also become the hub of dancehall music on the African continent has several of its artists featured on the mixtape.

With an accumulating catalog of mixtapes to his credit, DJ Mularh is fast rising to become the biggest mixtape disk jockey in Ghana.

His mixtapes have over the years gained hours of playtime on various streaming platforms and is also a big feature in entertainment places across the country.

Check out the Dancehall Invasion II Mixtape by DJ Mularh below:

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