August 12, 2022

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Coronavirus: Ban on weddings a big blow to us – Popular photographer

Entertainment of Tuesday, 2 February 2021


Government has placed a ban on weddings in the country until further notice

Some stakeholders of Ghanaian events, particularly wedding photographers are already ‘feeling the heat’ following President Nana Addo Danquah Akufo-Addo’s reinforcement of coronavirus restrictions in the country.

One of the most profitable ways of being a photographer is wedding photography, but with government’s ban or advising against mass gatherings, some couples are forced to consider postponing or canceling their special day.

GhanaWeb exclusively spoke to a wedding photographer about how his livelihood is being affected, and how he plans to cope with these challenging times.

Jerome Halm, a popular photographer who runs a society that organizes weddings gave a vivid account of how the coronavirus outbreak is affecting the growth of his business.

“Most photographers focus on weddings than any other thing. That is because from this part of the world, that is what we usually make more money from. Due to the crises that surrounded the lockdown last year, we were hoping that this year will be better. But with what is happening now, especially not knowing when this pandemic will relief us of this trouble, it will be a big blow to us as wedding photographers,” he stated.

According to the ‘Vintage Concepts’ C.E.O, he is now more than ever concerned about the impact couples rescheduling their weddings could have on his 2021 calendar.

“A lot of clients now will want to have intimate and smaller weddings and they will spend more time talking to us. Most people booked last year to have an early wedding this year and it looks like that will not happen. Now we’ll have to reasonably renegotiate and come to a consensus and arrive at a price that will benefit both of us. If for any reason the President decides to lift the ban, everything will become so close. There will be a back-to-back schedule of weddings without ample time to plan,” he added.

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