March 04, 2021

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Change your mentality about the art industry, it’s not for ‘kobolos’ – Krymi

Music of Sunday, 24 January 2021


Musician Krymi

Highly Spiritual Music signee Krymi has advised people especially parents to allow their wards do music if they so desire.

He said there is a general mentality out there that musicians are “kobolos” adding that people think that one can not earn from the art industry.

The ‘Dede’ hitmaker said the art industry has a lot to offer and it takes a lot of talent, skills, brains and hard work to come out with a song.

“It takes brains to sit down write, arrange music with rhymes, rhythms, flow, style, and creativity to bring out songs.”

In an interview with Laud Marvin on Jams Show, Krymi said due to this mentality, a lot of people prefer white-collar jobs but he insisted that the music industry brings out quality products which can earn one a lot.

“We need to change our mentality towards the art industry. A lot of people think the art industry is for kobolos or it’s not lucrative so that why they prefer white-collar jobs but trust me, every art person is an entrepreneur because they bring out unique products,” he said.

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