March 30, 2023

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Binatone, Aunt Bina’s Kitchen Celebrates International Chef Day

Binatone, Aunt Bina's Kitchen Celebrates International Chef Day

Binatone and Aunt Bina’s kitchen commemorated the International Chef Day with a cooking competition at Rawlings Park in Accra.

Binatone, dealers of home appliances such as electronic and gas cookers, refrigerators and freezers and fans marked the day with a keenly contested cooking competition among men and women to test their cooking prowess.

After the results were announced by a team of judges, the winners were awardedBinatone items such as rice cookers, heaters, blenders and Binatone’s latest multi-purpose gadget Music Fan.

The Managing Director of Binatone, Mr. Venu Babu said his outfit used this occasion to partner Aunt Bina’s kitchen to join the world to celebrate the International Chef Day with a special cooking competition.

He indicated that contestants were asked to prepare delicious meals and they did incredibly well.

“We rewarded the six winners with different products from our outfit including our latest product called Music Fan. It’s been 23 years since we arrived in Ghana and we are grateful to Ghanaians for their continued patronage of our products,” Mr. Babu stated.

International Chefs Day falls every year on October 20. This international observance is considered to be a professional day of all chefs around the world. The holiday was established under initiative of World Association of Chef’s Societies in 2004.

Celebration of International Chefs Day usually includes culinary contests that are organized in many big cities. The chefs of leading restaurants come to the contest and cook to show their skills.


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