May 08, 2021

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Being selfless is bad for relationships – Dzifa Gray

LifeStyle of Friday, 19 February 2021

Source: e.TV Ghana

Media personality, Dzifa Abequaye Gray

Award-winning media personality and a serial entrepreneur, Dzifa Abequaye Gray, has shared that being selfless is not good for relationships.

“I also ignored to give myself that break and be honest with myself. When you are probably in a relationship which isn’t working, you have to get out of it but instead, you will be giving yourself the excuses to stay in it”, she said

Discussing on African Women’s Voice on e.TV Ghana with Eunice Tornyi, she made it known that putting other people first anytime and any day is not good, because when you have a background of giving to others, you will one day be sharing the little you have with people and you will end up forgetting about your self.

“It is important that you love your self more before you move into any relationship. Even in the business sectors, you have to love yourself before you can connect with people”, she shared.

According to her, she has learnt so much from her previous relationships. So she is going to love herself and give herself all there is to give. The amazing thing is that when you love yourself whoever comes around will treat you right because they know you treat yourself right.

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