March 26, 2023

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Awurama Badu’s Family Devastated By Her Death

The sad news of the passing of veteran musician, Awurama Badu, last Thursday was a shock to many Ghanaians.

Those who were hit most were her immediate family and colleagues who expressed shock when they spoke to Showbiz last Friday. Attakora, a nephew of the late musician said the whole family is devastated at her passing because she was a mother to all.

“Even though Auntie had been in and out of hospital, we did not expect that she would leave us soon. Her death has created a very big vacuum in
the family, we will really miss her,” he said.

According to him, Awurama Badu hadn’t been well for some time. “She fell ill on Tuesday and we took her to the hospital where she was admitted. Around 9 pm on Thursday, she left us and we are really devastated.”

Highlife musician, Bessa Simons described his late colleague as one in a million. “She hasn’t been well for a while but I saw her a couple of months ago and she was doing well, it is rather unfortunate that she had to leave us suddenly,’ he said.

“She did very beautiful music like Komkom, Medofo Adaada Me and others and she was a warm-hearted woman who was a mother to all who came in contact with her,” he said.

According to Bessa Simons, Awurama Badu was a strong member of MUSIGA and GHAMRO who always had advice for the executive and asked relevant questions.

“It’s really sad that we should lose her at this time, she is irreplaceable. Her music was different from everyone else’s.”

“She came at a time when it was difficult for women to break through.We will miss her dearly. The good thing is that we will still enjoy her music,” he added.

Afrobeats musician, Gyedu Blay Ambolley was lost for words at the passing of his senior colleague. “This is total sadness, she contributed so much to music and I don’t think she
made much from music because the structures are not in place.”

“Her works will live on because she made some hits, we will liaise with the family to give her a befitting burial,” he said.

A non-governmental organization, Values for Life, founded by the former deputy Minister for Tourism, Arts and Culture, Dzifa Gomashie honoured Awurama Badu and other women last
year for their contribution to the arts.

This is what Dzifa Gomashie had to say to Showbiz, “Last year, we honoured her and she performed to the delight of everyone. This year, she was interested in coming to perform
but she couldn’t due to ill health,” she said.

“It is such a loss, we were looking forward to seeing her perform with Naa Amanua and Asabea Cropper.

They were young, beautiful and talented when they started. We need to celebrate these women who started the journey, they allowed their backs to be
used for future generations.”

“I am happy we were able to honour her in her lifetime, we treated her like the star that she is and she
really appreciated it,” she said.

The one-week celebration, according to the family, will be held on Friday, November 3 at Asante Banko after which the burial arrangements
will be made public.

Awurama Badu died at age 72 and is survived by four children.

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