April 22, 2021

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Asking students to cut their hair is antiquated – Pappy Kojo

Ghanaian Hip-hop and Hiplife recording artist, Jason Gaisie popularly known as Pappy Kojo has referred to all those in support of students cutting their dreadlocks as medieval.

According to him, he has not cut his hair since 2004 and started wearing his locks in 2008.

“I’ve been keeping my locks for about 13 years now,” he said.

Answering why he decided to keep the locks, he told Nana Kwasi-Wusu (PM) on Y 97.9 FM’s Dryve of Your Lyfe Show, “It is not about branding for me. I might wake up next week and cut my hair to the scalp. That’s the kind of guy I am. But for now, I am just feeling this”.

Unlike most parents who are most likely to disapprove of their children keeping their hair, he revealed that his mum reacted quite well with his decision to keep dreads.

“My mum was cool with it. She is the coolest mum ever so I can say that she was cool with it ”.

Sharing his thoughts on students who have been denied admission into Senior High School because of their dreads, he said, “That’s totally BS and I’m against that, totally against it. We have old men who are lawyers and work with fake white wigs and that’s fine? But someone cannot go to school with their natural hair? I totally disagree with this”, he said angrily.

He mentioned that only uncultured people will engage in such acts because they are blind and still stick to the old ways.

“If you’re cultured, I don’t see why you’ll do such. Only bush people will do that and you can’t blame them because if you’re uncivilized, you’re just that, uncivilized”.

He stated that the actions of these schools are very sad and is totally unacceptable, “It is just very sad that they don’t even try to listen and learn”.

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