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Ashoka Samrat Episode 277 Update on Monday 27th May 2010

Ashoka Samrat Episode 277 Update on Monday 27th May 2010

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Ashoka and Sushim tie Nicator and Mir to the pillars. Ashoka falls down as he is wounded. Ashoka tells Sushim that Samrat will take a decision. Sushim says it has already been taken. Ashoka tells him to stop. It is against the rules of war. Mir agrees with Ashoka. We have surrendered already. Sushim points out that it is only them who know it. Citizens don’t know it. 

He slits Mir’s throat! Ashoka gets up with great difficulty. Nicator tells Sushim that they surrendered. Only Samrat has a right to take any decision. You are not even a Yuvraaj. Sushim shushes him. You only taught me to make use of the opportunity when you see it. 

He slits Nicator’s throat too. Ashoka calls it immoral. Father wont forgive you ever. Sushim laughs. You became Yuvraaj but still think so low. There is nothing moral or immoral in a war. He pushes a wounded Ashoka in fire. Only victory is important. I will win today because of you! Thank you.

Sushim goes out to announce that the war is over. Nicator and Mir are dead. Bindu hugs him. The Queens also come there. Charu hugs Sushim proudly. Dharma asks about Ashoka but no one pays heed. Shubhrasi asks about Siamak. Bindu orders the soldiers to find Siamak. Acharya RG tells Dharma against going inside. It is not good for your health. Nayak will bring Ashoka safely. Everyone cheers for Sushim.

Ashoka is lying unconscious with fire all around. Kaurvaki covers the diya she lit for Ashoka as it begins to waver. Is he in some danger? She prays to Mahadev to save Ashoka. She begins to chant Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra for him. It begins to rain in Patliputra. Fire blows off. Ashoka gains conscious. Kaurvaki is relieved to see the diya fine. She happily looks at Shivlinga. Jagannath looks angrily at her from far.

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Ashoka walks with great difficulty. Helena thinks of Nicator cheating her and how Ashoka saved her. She holds a dagger near her neck. Ashoka holds her hand in time. If I dint kill you then I wont even let you die. He makes her drop it. I feel sad for you. truth is you are my grandmother. He hands her over to the soldiers. Take her to jail and keep a tight vigil on her. she goes with the soldiers. Siamak notices Helena thus. Nayak is heading there. Siamak applies some black ash on his face and pretends to be unconscious. Nayak picks him up in his arms. Helena looks tearfully at Siamak but controls her emotions. Nayak asks about Ashoka from the soldiers. They guide him. Yuvraaj is fine.

Bindu is in the courtroom. You (Sushim) deserve praise and victory today son. you made us win today by defeating our enemies. Dharma is relieved to see Ashoka fine. sushim talks big words. It would have been great if you had punished them but they were not ready to surrender. I was helpless to kill them. Forgive me if I made a mistake. Bindu says he made them all proud. All credit goes to you today. Sushim says I wouldn’t have succeeded if you had not helped me. It is true that I was the first one to doubt on them and went there. Things were out of control when I came back. I cannot take full credit of it even if I want to. Things would have been different if I had not gone to Kalinga. Ashoka tried to look for you. he asked Mata Dharma but could not get you out safely on time. If he would have done so then so much bloodshed would have not happened. Citizens too should be given the credit. They helped in implementing my plan of using oil on time. Nayak stops Acharya RG from saying anything. Sushim thanks his motherland for giving him such an opportunity. Bindu compliments his patience. We will never forget what you did for us. You only made one mistake – of bringing your brother from Kalinga! We would have won long ago if you wouldn’t have done so. Ashoka holds something as he stumbles. Everyone turns to look at him. Bindu calls Ashoka their doom. He tells Sushim to tell Ashoka not to come before him again. I think of whatever pain he caused to Magadh the moment I see him.

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A messenger brings Jagannath’s message. He reads it out loud. Ashoka has become the biggest problem for us and has become our enemy only. I had to be embarrassed in Kalinga. I got Kalinga back though the credit does not go to any of you but to the pact between me and my brother. I sent him back before things could go out of control. I am telling you all this to tell you that you dint do any favour on us. Your son freed us from all the favours by attacking on me. Soldier leaves.

Bindu asks Ashoka if this is true. How can you do so? Acharya RG tries to say something but Bindu does not let him talk. I wont let anyone talk on Ashoka’s behalf today. His silence speaks in itself. Wherever you (Ashoka) went you have only embarrassed me. you are the biggest enemy in the face of a loved one. Ashoka thinks of Helena and Siamak. Bindu questions Ashoka. You are the biggest enemy in the name of family. Did I make a mistake in recognizing you? DO you remember who you used to be? The you today is a stranger to me. You are not the same Ashoka who I was once proud of. I feel hatred towards you now whenever I see you! what has happened to you? Ashoka replies that he will answer this question if it is a father asking this to a son. I will only speak in the presence of family members, Acharya RG and Mahamatya. This son wants to say a lot to you today. bindu sends everyone out.

Precap: Ashoka says I would have never become a Yuvraaj if I knew what it will cost me. even a kid of Magadh understands it. They know about my love and dedication for my motherland. How could you not understand it? I ask you. is such a person right for throne? SUshim intervenes. He (Bindu) is Magadh’s Samrat before your father…

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