May 08, 2021

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Ama Broni’s family exposes ‘Yi Wo Dross’ artiste Original Shana

Music of Tuesday, 2 February 2021

Source: Emmanuel Ampofo, Contributor

play videoOriginal Shana [L]; Ama Broni [R]

The family of Ama Broni, the lady who met her untimely death after twerking on stage has exposed ‘Yi Wo Dross’ artiste Original Shana who recently made a donation to them.

Original Shana was the musician who asked Ama Broni to twerk on stage for $100 while he was performing at a street carnival in Liberia Camp in Kasoa in the Central Region.

She was reportedly electrocuted and died when she was rushed to the hospital and doctors refused to treat her because of a misunderstanding between the nurses and the people who took her to the hospital.

A few days ago, Original Shana, who was accused of sacrificing Ama Broni, announced to the media that he had donated $1000 as part of his decision to support Ama Broni’s twins.

However, Ama Broni’s mother, Esi Mansah, has disclosed that the musician never gave her $1000 as was announced.

Speaking in an interview with Dr Ray on, Esi Mansah explained that she did not open the envelope to see the exact amount after it was given to her.

According to her, she got to her hometown Akwatia, before opening the envelope to see that the money that was given to her was rather $500.

She added that people are accusing her of using her daughter’s death to make money so she needed to clarify it for people to know the truth.

Esi Mansah indicated that she was ready to return the money to Original Shana because he lied about it.

Watch the video below.

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