March 30, 2023

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3 Helpful Kitchen Hacks Mom Taught Me, Give It A Try

Photo credit - Pinterest

Photo credit – Pinterest

These simple tips would help you reduce kitchen expenses while saving you time.

Cocoyam can take several months before spoilage so when it’s in season, buy a lot and keep in the kitchen and use them when it becomes hard to find. Buy between GHc40.00 and GHc100.00 worth of cocoyam and keep in the kitchen.

You can use between three and five months. You can substitute plantain with cocoyam for the preparation of fufu. Yam can also be substituted with cocoyam for the preparation of ampesie when yam is out of season and hard to come by.

Tomatoes remain the most used vegetable in Ghanaian meals so it becomes frustrating when it’s out of season and you want to prepare stews and soups. When tomato is in seaon, a whole bucket could cost as low as GH5.00, but could cost 6 times the same price for same quantity. So why not take advantage of tomatoes when in abundance?

Here is what to do when tomatoes is everywhere
1.You can buy a lot of tomatoes when in abandance and keep in a deep freezer and use when it becomes scarce and expensive. People keep enough tomatoes to last a year.

2. You can choose to buy tomatoes, grind in large quantities and cook till all water is drained. Let it cool down and put into bottles. Store in a deep freezer and use when needed.

Ghanaians love spices in most of theIr meals. Here is a simple tip on how to make and keep local spices in the kitchen.

Blend ginger, garlic, onions, “nkitinkiti and pepre” (both local spices) and pepper (optional), together and keep in deep freezer. You can fetch some for use when cookings stews, jollof rice or steaming meat. This means you would not need to prepare a mixture of spices each time you have to cook.

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